A walk in Rotterdam: around the centre

Today i made a walk around the centre of town. It was a lot colder than i expected. The wind was blowing harder too. Some parts at high rising buildings it was freezing, other parts, in the sunshine it was suddenly mild. I heard later on that it will get a bit more springlike next week. Fingers crossed!

I went up to the wooden bridge, the ‘luchtsingel‘. Walking over the train tracks and down at where Bird is with some restaurants and shops. Reminding myself to actually visit Bird one day soon. A place so close to my house with gigs, dancing and food!

I walked through the central station to the West Kruiskade. I had forgotten to eat something for lunch. I went to Kiem Foei and treated myself to a small saoto soup with no egg and lots of sambal.

After eaten the soup real slow – to prevent myself from getting any hiccups – i decided to pup into the asian supermarket Amazing Oriental across the street. Last week i thought about this shop and remembered the back row with all sort of plastics to put food in. Maybe this shop had something i could put my laundry detergent in. My current packaging is getting old and is a bit narrow. Something like a small bucket with a lid would be much better. So i went trough the shop to the back and started looking for something decent. I found this 6 liter square plastic bucket, probably for rice. It was only 6,95 euros, which i felt was cheap enough. So yes! I can make lots more of the detergent now, and it will be easier to get the stuff out!

I walked straight through the centre, crossed the Coolsingel and walked up the Meent. Popped in the AH there to get some eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

And then home again.





The pictures i made two weeks ago when i walked the same tour.

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