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Duration – Enthusiasm

32. Hêng / Duration


The strong trigram Chên is above, the weak trigram Sun below. This hexagram is the inverse of the preceding one. In the latter we have influence, here we have union as an enduring condition. The two images are thunder and wind, which are likewise constantly paired phenomena. The lower trigram indicates gentleness within; the upper, movement without.
In the sphere of social relationships, the hexagram represents the institution of marriage as the enduring union of the sexes. During courtship the young man subordinates himself to the girl, but in marriage, which is represented by the coming together of the eldest son and the eldest daughter, the husband is the directing and moving force outside, while the wife, inside, is gentle and submissive.


DURATION. Success. No blame.
Perseverance furthers.
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Duration is a state whose movement is not worn down by hindrances. It is not a state of rest, for mere standstill is regression. Duration is rather the self-contained and therefore self-renewing movement of an organized, firmly integrated whole, taking place in accordance with immutable laws and beginning anew at every ending. The end is reached by an inward movement, by inhalation, systole, contraction, and this movement turns into a new beginning, in which the movement is directed outward, in exhalation, diastole, expansion.
Heavenly bodies exemplify duration. They move in their fixed orbits, and because of this their light-giving power endures. The seasons of the year follow a fixed law of change and transformation, hence can produce effects that endure.
So likewise the dedicated man embodies an enduring meaning in his way of life, and thereby the world is formed. In that which gives things their duration, we can come to understand the nature of all beings in heaven and on earth.


Thunder and wind: the image of DURATION.
Thus the superior man stands firm
And does not change has direction.

Thunder rolls, and the wind blows; both are examples of extreme mobility and so are seemingly the very opposite of duration, but the laws governing their appearance and subsidence, their coming and going, endure. In the same way the independence of the superior man is not based on rigidity and immobility of character. He always keeps abreast of the time and changes with it. What endures is the unswerving directive, the inner law of his being, which determines all his actions.

° Nine in the second place means:
Remorse disappears.

The situation is abnormal. A man’s force of character is greater than the available material power. Thus he might be afraid of allowing himself to attempt something beyond his strength. However, since it is the time of DURATION, it is possible for him to control his inner strength and so to avoid excess. Cause for remorse then disappears.

Nine in the third place means:
He who does not give duration to his character
Meets with disgrace.
Persistent humiliation.

If a man remains at the mercy of moods of hope or fear aroused by the outer world, he loses his inner consistency of character. Such inconsistency invariably leads to distressing experiences. These humiliations often come from an unforeseen quarter. Such experiences are not merely effects produced by the external world, but logical consequences evoked by his own nature.

16. Yü / Enthusiasm


The strong line in the fourth place, that of the leading official, meets with response and obedience from all the other lines, which are all weak. The attribute of the upper trigram, Chên, is movement; the attributes of K’un, the lower, are obedience and devotion. This begins a movement that meets with devotion and therefore inspires enthusiasm, carrying all with it. Of great importance, furthermore, is the law of movement along the line of least resistance, which in this hexagram is enunciated as the law for natural events and for human life.


ENTHUSIASM. It furthers one to install helpers
And to set armies marching.

The time of ENTHUSIASM derives from the fact that there is at hand an eminent man who is in sympathy with the spirit of the people and acts in accord with it. Hence he finds universal and willing obedience. To arouse enthusiasm it is necessary for a man to adjust himself and his ordinances to the character of those whom he has to lead. The inviolability of natural laws rests on this principle of movement along the line of least resistance. Theses laws are not forces external to things but represent the harmony of movement immanent in them. That is why the celestial bodies do not deviate from their orbits and why all events in nature occur with fixed regularity. It is the same with human society: only such laws are rooted in popular sentiment can be enforced, while laws violating this sentiment merely arouse resentment.
Again, it is enthusiasm that enables us to install helpers for the completion of an undertaking without fear of secret opposition. It is enthusiasm too that can unify mass movements, as in war, so that they achieve victory.


Thunder comes resounding out of the earth:
The image of ENTHUSIASM.
Thus the ancient kings made music
In order to honor merit,
And offered it with splendor
To the Supreme Deity,
Inviting their ancestors to be present.

When, at the beginning of summer, thunder–electrical energy–comes rushing forth from the earth again, and the first thunderstorm refreshes nature, a prolonged state of tension is resolved. Joy and relief make themselves felt. So too, music has power to ease tension within the heart and to loosen the grip of obscure emotions. The enthusiasm of the heart expresses itself involuntarily in a burst of song, in dance and rhythmic movement of the body. From immemorial times the inspiring effect of the
invisible sound that moves all hearts, and draws them together, has mystified mankind.
Rulers have made use of this natural taste for music; they elevated and regulated it. Music was looked upon as something serious and holy, designed to purify the feelings of men. It fell to music to glorify the virtues of heroes and thus to construct a bridge to the world of the unseen. In the temple men drew near to God with music and pantomimes (out of this later the theater developed). Religious feeling for the Creator of the world was united with the most sacred of human feelings, that of reverence for the ancestors. The ancestors were invited to these divine services as guests of the Ruler of Heaven and as representatives of humanity in the higher regions. This uniting of the human past with the Divinity in solemn moments of religious inspiration established the bond between God and man. The ruler who revered the Divinity in revering his ancestors became thereby the Son of Heaven, in whom the heavenly and the earthly world met in mystical contact.
These ideas are the final summation of Chinese culture. Confucius has said of the great sacrifice at which these rites were performed: “He who could wholly comprehend this sacrifice could rule the world as though it were spinning on his hand.”

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Endless time

Around ten months ago i got the idea of making another video clip. Yay! i thought. I was gonna make a hand drawn video, like the drawings i make and publish here. I thought about it for months. I set up a new video in flash. I was going to publish it in quicktime.

Then i changed my mind. Slowly the idea of filming and making the video in final cut pro took over. That is where i’m at right now. But i still don’t know the song, i only have filmed a few bits of me walking over paths. But i have ideas of filming myself dancing, singing, staring at the world.

I will make this video. I will. It doesn’t need to be smooth, doesn’t need to be fancy. I want it to be truthful, close to my life as it is right now. Working, walking, reading, watching movies and television. Well, walking, singing and dancing is enough material.

I hope i will find the song soon. Maybe it is one i have already sung. Maybe it is from a favourite group, maybe it is a new song. I don’t know. I do know where i will sing it. The bathroom where i live has a beautiful sound. Of course.

I am happy i am not letting go of this idea. I am happy thoughts keep changing bit by bit. Even though i feel quite sad lately, and alone in this world, i still have these ideas to make me happy.

One more week till Christmas! Not that special to me, but still, a week off is nice. Yay!

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Zonder jou

De wereld is wonderlijk leeg zonder jou.
Er staat maar zo weinig meer in.
De hemel is aldoor zo hinderlijk blauw.
Waarom? Wat heeft het voor zin?
De merel zit zachtjes te zingen in ‘t groen.
Voor mij hoeft-ie heus zo z’n best niet te doen.
De wereld kon vol van geluk zijn, maar nou:
leeg, zonder jou.

Dat zonder jou nog een lente bestaat
met ooievaars en met bloemen,
dat er een meidoorn in bruidstooi staat,
is zonder meer tactloos te noemen.
En wat is het nut van een lindelaan,
als wij er samen niet langs kunnen gaan?
Langs alle heggetjes bloeit wilde roos –
nutteloos, zinneloos.

De wereld is wonderlijk leeg zonder jou.
Er staat maar zo weinig meer in.
De hemel is aldoor zo hinderlijk blauw.
Waarom? Wat heeft het voor zin?
De merel zit zachtjes te zingen in ‘t groen.
Voor mij hoeft-ie heus zo z’n best niet te doen.
De wereld kon vol van geluk zijn, maar nou:
leeg, zonder jou.

Annie M.G. Schmidt, 1947

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Last week, during one night, i woke up. It was around two, three maybe?

My head was filled with worry about why i had sold my house, now almost six years ago. It startled me. I thought i had left this far behind me. But no.

It is strange that now i work, i make a bit of money, i could easily live in my old house with the mortgage i was paying for it at the time.

There is of course nothing i can do about it. It is a time gone by. I live here and now. I’m still not sure what way my life will take. I do know waking up last week did something to me. Yes, i feel a bit sad. Yes, it is difficult right now.

I’m not letting it take me down. Sure, i can worry, i can feel sad, lost. But the next day i’m still good to go.

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This is water. This is water.

The real value of a real education [has] almost nothing to do with knowledge, and everything to do with simple awareness; awareness of what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight all around us, all the time, that we have to keep reminding ourselves over and over:

‘This is water.’

‘This is water.’

It is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive in the adult world day in and day out. Which means yet another grand cliché turns out to be true: your education really IS the job of a lifetime. And it commences: now.

I wish you way more than luck.

Source: This Is Water: David Foster Wallace on Life

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