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I sang

For a short time i sang. I can hear all the failings, the hesitations, the not getting the notes straight, or high, or low enough. But i do think i am improving. Been trying it long enough. Not sure i will ever get good enough. But i do love to do it. Should do it more often really. Once a week, once every other week, something like that.

I do really enjoy it. So many things to learn, still. So many many more things to learn.

I love it 🙂

Have a good weekend. Salute!

PS I danced too!

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After sex

I feel happy with the current drawing. Yesterday i decided to make the drawing smaller and take away much of the content i had put in. It is an ongoing struggle to get these drawings finished. I had left the last one lying about for months.

I do hope you like this drawing. Salute!

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Monday 23 August 2021

In the morning i woke up around seven. I went to the loo and got back in bed. I might have read a bit, but i am not sure. I did fall asleep in the end, once again. Next time i woke up around nine fifteen. I got out, went downstairs and took my double espresso with some butter and cream. Yum.

The morning i spend watching news and youtube on my iPad. I also did some warcraft playing on this private server ChromieCraft. Been playing for two weeks there and enjoy it. Early in the afternoon i went outside and made a walk. I went into the Essenburg allotments and watched the late summer splendour. All the pumpkins! I chatted a bit with Faroek and a bit with the men who was working there. I got a courgette! On my way out i said hi to a woman working there in one of the individual allotments. She gave me some basil.

After i visited the Albert Heijn supermarket i went back home. Some more iPad and warcraft playing. Eric called me, he asked me if i wanted to make photographs of the Swimming event this Sunday. I said yes. I hope i can manage that! Once he got home we drank some coffee downstairs and talked about it for a while. I still hope i can manage it.

I made some chicken thigh for diner together with baked courgette. Not the one i got from the garden, i still had half one from the shop. I did use the basil i got today. It was really nice.

Today i was thinking about my future. I am not sure where i got the certainty i felt a few months ago from. The certainty i felt for the past seven years. I will still give it space. I still feel something developing in my mind. But it is difficult. Yes, very difficult.

That is it for today. Enjoy!

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School was for me very enjoyable, a pleasure. I enjoyed algebra, math, writing. It wasn’t a problem for me. But i do realize now looking back on my school days in the 70s and 80s that it was not a complete picture of what you can learn about life and all the activities you can do. I did have swimming while i was at school, and gymnastics. But we never had a school garden. It was simply not mentioned. I didn’t miss it at all, but i also didn’t know that it was a possibility for me to have that. I was simple a child, adjusting myself to what was given to me.

I do come across articles which do interest me. I will give a list here, with some short comments.

  • Wat als… ons onderwijs regeneratief zou zijn?
    This article talks about what makes school something which makes you learn so many more things besides the cognitive skills. Not just your mind, but also your heart and hands are important. It will teach you to think about nature inclusive solutions.
  • Steiner free schools
    The Vrijeschoolonderwijs or Waldorf system has at its main focus the development of the child as a whole for his or her personal development and for the relation of the child with the world surrounding him or her. A balance between thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Laterna Magica
    A school delivering education for each child separately.

These are just three examples of different methods of learning. I wish i would have experienced this so much earlier in my life.

The examples i give here are the good kind. Well, good in my opinion anyway. I still think most of the schools are not of this kind. Predominantly most of the attention is focused on math and language. The CITO test pupils do at around 11 or 12 years old gives an overview of language skills, math skills, geography, history and nature knowledge. This is all tested inside a classroom with multiple choice questions. This give a limited view on the child. This continues over the later years in high school. More so even.

I’m still skeptical about the Dutch system of education. Some schools have a well rounded educational lesson system, but i do think they are in the minority. Most are scraping by, trying to mold the children to a general accepted way of thinking. I’m sad to say.

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