Wu wei

Wu wei is a concept with its origin in old China meaning “inexertion”, “inaction”, or “effortless action”. Different meanings. From a non trying of things, a non doing of things to a with no conscious mind doing of things.

The way i lead my life is not very well thought out. Things happen to me, thoughts come into my mind, but finally i do what i do. It is not clearly envisaged beforehand. I know my money will be running out next year, but i am still not giving up.

This thought of wu wei is giving me hope. I am living very quietly, only meeting a few people each week. I am not going into any direction, i am standing still, here, in Rotterdam. Not wanting to go anywhere else. Not until i feel it’s the right time.

I try to live in this world with a generous nature. I try to say hello to most people i come across. Some simply walk me by. I don’t mind that. I am trying to write something here on this blog which makes sense. I often fail. But it is getting better. For the next two weeks i have some posts ready. I am working on a drawing, which i will post the last day of this year, Friday 24 December. I hope i can write more, cook something and make photographs.

I hope you will have a good weekend. Salute!

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