1 March 2020

This morning, Sunday 1 March, i got up around nine. I put on my onesie, went down and started making my breakfast. A baked egg sunny side up, some bacon, an almond flour pancake with butter and some coconut flower sugar. I watched some youtube clips while eating it, wearing my new headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM3. I love it, especially the noise cancelation. The sound is good too.

At eleven there was an interview with Thomas Piketty on television. Enjoyed it. Stuff to think about.

Something for lunch. Time to get ready for the garden. It was busy! I did some wood chips spreading, a bit of weeding, sat in the self warming wood chips pile, nice and warm, watered the seedlings in the greenhouse. Chatted a bit. Sat down and listened to all the sounds around me: the traffic, the tram, people’s voices, birds whistling. Never silent. In the midst of Rotterdam.

I bought a salad on my way back. A bit tired. Watched a bit of television. Went up. And now i’m writing this. A simple report of the day. Thinking, listening, watching, working.

Lovely 🙂

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