An early spring walk

A walk through the Kralingse Bos. The weather was good today. Sometimes the wind felt a bit cold, but i never closed my coat.

I loved sitting in the park for a while and listen to the birds. A meditation. The drone of the cars rushing by in the distant. Never absent, no. I would like to hear nothing, but here in the west part of the Netherlands that is a hard bit to find. I did close my eyes and heard all the different birds around me. Singing their hearts out. Lovely.

A small yellow flower
White flowers against a blue sky
Trees covered with ivy
Most trees are still bare. Only buds point at the upcoming leaves.
Tiny white flowers
A bit closer up
Cut off tree trunks covered with moss
For around fifteen minutes i sat on a bench. I listened to the birds. Lovely.
Directly opposite the bench i sat on.
Young growth. No idea what type!
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