I have some minor boards on Pinterest. The past months i added a board about jewelry and about the Dutch royal family. Both were for posts. The most expensive jewelry in the world. Staatsieportretten.

I started out with a Do it yourself-board, a Rotterdam-board and a Cooking-board. All three are still quite bare. Minimal fashion has some more, 29 pins. And the jewelry and Royal Family boards have loads more. Most i actually got from Pinterest itself.

I just made a new board about Raf Simons. I love his work. In yesterday’s post, The most beautiful dresses of all time, i showed three of his dresses. He does give an extraordinarily extravagant minimalistic feel to his clothes.

I do follow a few people. Jeffrey Zeldman. David Lebovitz. Heidi Swanson. Joline Jolink. Angelique van Velzen-Smeenk. L P. lotte v. Carlos Restrepo. Gretha Agate.

Jeffrey Zeldman is a webdesigner whose books i learned from so much, whose blog i read irregularly. Lebovitz and Swanson are cooking bloggers. Joline Jolink is a fashion designer whose clothes i love. The other people i’m not sure about. I must have come across their boards and simply enjoyed them.

Aah, L P has many gardening, permaculture and food boards. Carlos Restrepo has boards with artists and photographers. Gretha Agate has some royalty boards and royalty dresses.

Of these nine people i follow, Jeffrey Zeldman has the most pins: 68.900. Music, directors, cinema, design, places, photographers, artists, fonts, illustration, cats, writers, albums from hell. Too much to get all in once.

As a closing remark to this post, i never really got into Pinterest. I probably never will, but it is a good way to get stuff from the internet together and go through it once in a while. Just as a reminder.

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