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Ads is very Dutch. The subtitles are Dutch. The ads itself are Dutch.

It is hard for me to see. This is the world i’m living in. A Dutch world mostly. Yes, many influences from outside, of course. Mainly from the UK and the USA, but also Belgium, Germany, a bit of France.

So i don’t know how people from other countries view a clip like this one. With interest? With curiosity? Or maybe they don’t like it all? Eew…

I posted this clip on facebook, where it went away silently unnoticed. Most people use facebook to publish stuff, not to read, a friend says.

My work is very much outside the current art world. First of all, it is impossible to sell. I don’t want to sell it, i simply want to show it.

Right now my work is hardly noticed by anyone. Some people enjoy it, like it. Let me know that. Something which i love! Many other people pass this website and don’t leave anything. No idea what ideas go through them.

I should search more for ways to showcase my website. It is hard though, you gotta go through so many spam filled content to find a little gem in between hoards of trying to make money sites.

I should try again.

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