Halfway last week i got this idea of filming ads on tv and making something with them. I made two long shots of ad breaks and started to work with them. I enjoyed it. The material is lovely. I also liked the grainy tv images. First i wanted to use a tripod, but later on i simply made shots with the camera in my hand.

Music was a bit hard. First i tried Miss Kittin. But then i thought of this song i really like and from which i have no clue how i got to know it: Motor from Jewelz and Sparks.

To be honest, up until half this day i thought i would publish this clip the end of this week. But i realized it was nearly done.

I did add some images of the movie Independence Day in between. Especially the plane flying into the fire. It is a bit hectic, with the music, the images.

When i watched it coming together i sat there with hands before my mouth and tears in my eyes.



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