A happy day again

Today i went to the market. Waiting for the traffic lights, i smiled at a woman. I apologized straight after. “I feel so happy”, i said. She smiled. “I don’t see too well”, she said. “But please be happy!”

I’m paraphrasing. The conversation was in Dutch of course.

I do feel happy today. My mind spins up and out. Last night i woke up around four. I was lying awake for a bit. I turned on the lights. Read some new rss posts on my iPad. Got out of bed and stroked my cats. Went in again. Finally fell asleep.

Did do some bibbly-o-tek work today. Aah, thats what i suddenly realized last night, i never got a backup from the database. I did log in the old hosting. Couldn’t get to the phpMyAdmin page. But luckily there was a backup page where i could get an entire backup of databases and other stuff, so i turned that on. Took a while, around half an hour. I did get the back up. Yay!

So i did spend some time copying a new wordpress setup to my own hosting, setting up the database, copying the images and clips and audio. Most of the links are working now. But i will change the theme. It’s ten years old and showing its age. Not responsive one bit. So yeah. I will also change the flash flv files. That will take a bit longer. And change the gigography page. I always enjoyed the hovers, but that is so ten years ago. I also do need to add all the dates after 2006. Pfff.

Anyway, rambling on a bit. Not a clear day. Still, a happy day!

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