A walk in Rotterdam: Rotterdam-West

A walk to Rotterdam-West. I love this area. It is the place i first got an apartment when i moved out of my home. The place where most of my friends used to live. The place with so many memories. It is nice to walk and see all the streets i’ve walked or biked into, where i knew people. Some people still do live there, or moved there. They went to the bigger streets and nicer houses. I do see many areas with new buildings, or old buildings cleaned up. I walked past Spangen, which used to be a creepy area with loads of houses closed. Now it’s back to its former glory, all shiny. Some parts are really feeling better. But yes, it does mean those parts have moved to other areas in Rotterdam, most in the south part below the river.

I made many photos along the way. I got me a new haring. A saoto soup. First i thought of walking to Schiedam, but i stopped at Marconiplein and got back with the tube.

The Binnenrotte - Meent crossing. The market is here on tuesdays and saturdays
The Meent
I had forgotten that the first new haring would be available this thursday 18 June. I stood in line for like half an hour. Yummy!
The Coolsingel, looking south
The Coolsingel, looking north, towards the Hofplein
The Aert van Nesstraat - Lijnbaan crossing. I almost never shop here.
Looking north on the Lijnbaan
The start of the West Kruiskade, crossing with the Westersingel and Mauritssingel
Kiem Foei. Good saoto soup there
Crossing 1st Middellandstraat - Henegouwerlaan
Crossing Vierambachtstraat - Heemraadssingel
The Mathenesserbrug
The Mathenesserbrug open
Willem Beukelzstraat, walking to where i used to live
The Mathenesserdijk
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