Today i walked up to the garden to empty my compost bucket. Only for the last five years, since i work in the gardens, i have been collecting my kitchen cuttings and brought them to the gardens compost areas. I love this process.

The benefits of compost include providing nutrients as fertilizer to the crop, acting as soil conditioner, increasing the humus or humic acids content of the soil, and introducing beneficial colonies of microbes in the soil, which help in suppressing pathogens. The natural interaction of the soil, plant roots and nutrient / microorganisms of compost improves the soil structure. An improved soil structure will increase the soil water retention ability and control soil erosion. Compost can be used for land and stream reclamation, wetland construction and landfill cover.

I know some schools still go to school gardens to teach the pupils something about plants, veggies and fruits. I hope one day composting will be an area where pupils learn the basic principles of. I hope one day composting will be completely normal and something you just do, wherever you live, in a big city or a small town or somewhere completely rural. It still stuns me i have lived for fifty years on this planet without knowing anything about this.

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Sort of ok

I made a walk today for about an hour. I wasn’t feeling too well, but once outside, i felt fine. I made a round walk, past the market at the end of the Grote Visserijstraat, past the Dakpark, through the old streets in Delfshaven, the Hooidrift, the Matthenesserlaan and than back home. It was quite warm when walking in the sunshine.

I am working on a drawing. Last Friday i got the idea for it. Last Tuesday i started with it. It will take a few weeks before it is done. The first idea will find a way into the drawing, but i do need to think about other things going on inside the world. It is still in the early stage.

I also made an appointment for a corona vaccination. Sometime in June. Happy with that.

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Walking back

Walking home through the Essenburg Park after emptying the compost bin in the Spoortuin. Lovely flowers
Almost all the dandelions are in seed
Sitting on the benh around the tree. Across from me a family was sitting on a tiny island in the middle of the pond. We did wave to each other after a short time. 🙂
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The Past

Today, i was sitting on my bed, thinking about life, watching some youtube videos. Yesterday i subscribed to De Balie, this afternoon i watched their latest video, Arnon Grunberg Ontmoet Bart Nauta en Alicja Gescinska (Dutch only), halfway. I will watch the rest this evening. It did get me thinking about my life, what i want, i guess. I used to say i want to find somebody to love. That is still with me deep down in the depths. But it is not the only thing i want. I do enjoy talking with people. I like to go to the market on Saturday and talk with people there over all different sorts of things.

I thought about the time i was starting up once again, in October 2014. The post called My Boyfriend is honest.

So here I am. 50 years old. I can spend my life alone, quite happy. Or i can try to find my boyfriend. Finally.

My first response is of course to get me one, now! When I sit in the train, when I walk outside, I am watching all the people passing by. Quite desperate really. I’ve become aware that I’m in a dangerous period. I can start to feel strength in me, the power to draw people towards me. To get me what I want. Dangerous. Yes.

How would i like my boyfriend to be? Gentle, kind, sweet. My age, or a little older. My height, or a little taller. And yes, handsome 🙂 I got a list of names, but there are many more people whose name I don’t know. And of course I got dreams. I just move another picture of a face on my boyfriend. I give him another name. Easy. It’s hard to make me not do that. Might even be impossible.

So, here I am. Not entirely sure which way is the best. The only way forward I see is to follow my own heart. Which is a bit scary, truth be told. But i think i can handle myself. Finally.

I like this piece. I am following my own heart. It is scary. I wrote this almost seven years ago. A lot has happened in those years. Now i do not live in my old house anymore. I do feel sad over that. But it is alright.

I do hope i will get myself out of this hole. By writing and drawing, publishing it on this website. I realize i got myself into this hole, and i can only get myself out of it with my own work. And, truthfully, a bit soon preferably.


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