A walk in Rotterdam: Trompenburg Arboretum

Today, this sun shining warm day, i made a walk to the Trompenburg Arboretum. An arboretum does have a technical meaning, but in general it refers to a botanical garden with many different kinds of woody plants. It is about a half an hour walk way from my home. The garden is larger than it shows on the map, after the break. There is a small piece across the Groene Wetering and a large small piece behind the sports fields. The garden is beautiful. Stunning.

I left for the walk straight after i watched the Filosofisch Kwintet with a new episode about solidarity and togetherness. Ms. Ghorashi was the most clearheaded person for me, telling about small stories told out of spontaneity. Not judge to quickly, being interested in another person, being emphatic. I do feel there are links there with what i’m doing here, on ellenpronk.com.

Yesterday evening i watched The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick. Scary! At one point i felt like switching it off, but i did manage to continue. Happy i did.

I did write a short piece about Kubrick for my world map series yesterday. Still have the others to do, this post could be online the end of this week. I read his wikipedia entry, his filmography and i decided to put time and energy into getting more information about him. Reading about his work and his working methods. To begin with watching his movies with a bit more attention is good.

That’s it. Well, not entirely.. the photos! After the break. Enjoy 🙂

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Maintenance and an animation

I added some categories to this site. I looked at the archives page and saw this mess of all kinds of posts in presents.

I added the following categories:

  • Songs
  • World
  • lfs.nl
  • My story

I will need to go through all my posts once more to see if there are any left which will fit better in another category. You can check my archives pages to see how it looks now.

I also read some sites about CSS3 animations. I’m getting behind! I don’t like that! So i’m reading tutorials and trying some things out.

Sofar i added the javascript in the post, but with css i can not do that. That needs to be added in the head of the file. So i did a search for a good plugin which can help me out. I chose the Zia3 CSS JS plugin. It adds two input areas at each post, one for css, one for js. It works great.

A small beginner animation, after the break.


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Today i painted my nails

Today, Tuesday July 28, i painted my nails.

My fave Chanel colour Frenzy first
and then the Nars Adelita as a topcoat

Looking at my nails this close, i really need to work on my cuticles. Either trim them, or moisturize them a bit more. Other than that, a bit longer would be nicer. But still, for me they look nice.

The other hand though.. pfff… my index finger just keeps on breaking of. So it’s rather short. The middle finger is a little bit longer, but still too short. The rest is ok.

I do like this combo. It is a kind of nude, but the transparent gold does give a warm shine. A keeper!

Also, yes, this is the first time i painted my nails after 19 February’s My nails. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

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Being boring

One of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs, Being boring.

Three seperate song tracks. I did pull down the pitch on the third track a bit, the one which you can only hear on the chorus. The second track is a bit lower and softer.

I do really enjoy making these songs. I have limited equipment though. I sing into my iPhone. I use the open-source Audacity to mix and edit it all. I know it’s not great, but i am happy i’m able to get these out there. I used to be so shy! Still am, but not as much as i used to be. Which makes me very happy!

Being boring – Pet Shop Boys
I came across a cache of old photos
And invitations to teenage parties
“Dress in white” one said, with quotations
From someone’s wife, a famous writer
In the nineteen-twenties
When you’re young you find inspiration
In anyone who’s ever gone
And opened up a closing door
She said: “We were never feeling bored

‘Cause we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: “Make amends”
And we were never holding back or worried that
Time would come to an end”

When I went I left from the station
With a haversack and some trepidation
Someone said: “If you’re not careful
You’ll have nothing left and nothing to care for
In the nineteen-seventies”
But I sat back and looking forward
My shoes were high and I had scored
I’d bolted through a closing door
I would never find myself feeling bored

‘Cause we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: “Make amends”
And we were never holding back or worried that
Time would come to an end
We were always hoping that, looking back
You could always rely on a friend

Now I sit with different faces
In rented rooms and foreign places
All the people I was kissing
Some are here and some are missing
In the nineteen-nineties
I never dreamt that I would get to be
The creature that I always meant to be
But I thought in spite of dreams
You’d be sitting somewhere here with me

‘Cause we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: “Make amends”
And we were never holding back or worried that
Time would come to an end
We were always hoping that, looking back
You could always rely on a friend

And we were never being boring
We had too much time to find for ourselves
And we were never being boring
We dressed up and fought, then thought: “Make amends”
And we were never being boring
We were never being bored
‘Cause we were never being boring
We were never being bored

The original track

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A walk from Hoek van Holland to Kijkduin

Today i walked from Hoek van Holland to Kijkduin. I had planned to walk to the harbour of Scheveningen, but it was raining, i was getting cold, so i decided to take the bus at Kijkduin, the southernmost part of The Hague at the beach. I walked through the dunes for half of the walk, then i walked to the beach and walked besides the water, the kitesurfers and the people walking their dog.

It was a good walk, and i had the wind blowing at my back! A bit more sun would have been nice. Not that much rain. But oh well, it is Dutch summer weather. I still like it!

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A non-animated version: hi there! I went through most of my gif animation presents, but i couldn’t find the animated one. It was in a psd folder in my lfs redesign July 2001 folder. Strange i couldn’t find it on lfs. Ooh well!

Today i went to the hairdresser Christiaan. I’ve been going there for years now. I always make an appointment with Lucienne. Today it was fun, we talked about many different things. Facebook, children, getting older, sex. Ordinary stuff. I have a fringe again!

Enjoy your weekend.


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A walk in Rotterdam: around the Rottemeren

Taking the metro to Graskruid this morning. I did want to go to Nesselande, closer to the Zevenhuizerplas, but i found out at the metro station that it wasn’t running. From Graskruid i walked to Hesseplaats, on a path along the metroline. From there i followed the bike path roadsigns to the Rottemeren.

I went through the Nessebos, which looked good. Very much like a park, but still good. Then along the beach at the Zevenhuizerplas. It wasn’t busy there, but there were still children playing in the water and older people sitting on the beach. I don’t think i saw even one older person playing in the water. Towards the end, where it was really quiet, i sat down for a bit and ate a sandwich i had taken with me.

Then the Slingekade. This was a curvy road through the Eendragtspolder, with man made waters. Some of them were crowded with birds, the right part was for when the water levels in the Rottemeren would become too high. A type of sluice would let water through once that happened and flood the entire right part, to prevent the waters from reaching houses. I had been thinking that these waters would be for sport rowers, but i didn’t see any in the beginning. At the end though i saw a building with platforms which were clearly for rowers. Walking along further i saw the main big row part appearing. I kept on walking around it, crossed a bridge and sat there for a while, eating my second sandwich.

I checked the map hanging there and saw there was a small ferry about. I followed a sign and got there, straight across from the restaurant i ate something when i did my first walk at the Rottemeren. I decided to go home the same way as then, with the bus and the metro. I was tired.

I left home at twelve, got back a quarter to five. I don’t walk that fast, i like to look around, make pictures and sometimes sit for a bit. But still. When i got home i was really tired, my feet hurt a bit. I switched on the tv and watched the final bit of the Tour de France stage of today, the first one through the Alps. Then i laid down on the couch for an hour or so. I do feel better now.

I know i know, i should walk more!

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A day’s break

There is nothing coming up today. So that’s it. A break. For one day.

The weather is beautiful. Sunny, a slight wind, around 23 Celsius i’m thinking. Wonderful.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Gonna have a glass of cider brut now. My first ever. I do hope it sparkles!

Bye bye.

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lfs.nl: my favourite ten – no eleven! presents

There you go! Not in any order, just starting at the beginning and seeing where i end up. I will focus on gif animations and flash presents. The gif animations i will actually show here too. The interactive flash animations i will show a screenshot of and link to.

1 September 1999
A dancing gif animation in a starry night.


22 March 2000
A javascript rollover image

I did try to copy the code, but it didn’t go so well. So i show a screenshot here. Sorry guys and galls.


21 April 2000
If someone forced me to pick my ultimate favourite one, this could be it. For the people watching this site on a smartphone or tablet. Too bad! Screenshots for you.





18 May 2000
Writing something?


My favourite number is 4!
9 August 2001
Nine different options in this flash file. They do change while you move the cursor inside the file.





12 March 2002
I don’t think i ever had these two points meet each other. And now, while i open the page and watch it, it does happen! There is a variation in the speed and andgle of reflection. And of course the starting point.






prototyped heart
21 April 2003

//a complicated way of doing a heart, by trial and error
//prototyped this time, and adjustable in width, even negative width works, to my surprise

//b = width
//lw = linewidth
//hc = line- and fillcolor
//ha = transparency

MovieClip.prototype.drawHeart = function(b,lw,hc,ha){
this.beginFill(hc, ha);
this.curveTo(b*0.23 , -b*0.26 , b*0.4 , -b*0.1);
this.curveTo(b*0.57 , b*0.07 , b*0.4 , b*0.3);
this.lineTo(0 , b*0.82);
this.lineTo( -b*0.4 , b*0.3);
this.curveTo(-b*0.57 , b*0.07 , -b*0.4 , -b*0.1);
this.curveTo(-b*0.23 , -b*0.26 ,0, 0);

_root.createEmptyMovieClip('mc', 2);
mc._x = 300;
mc._y = 100;


22 May 2003
Random meaningless poetry





This time
19 January 2005
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Dress me up
8 February 2005
Love love this one. Yay!






The Answer
22 February 2005
OK OK i got ten.. well, there is one other one. So i’ll change the title of this post! The one music clip i made. It is for a demo of Bloc Party, The Answer. I made this in one evening. 😀

Making this post has made me very very happy. I sang along with whats her name.. Idina Menzel’s Let it go. That went well! I danced a little. I also cried. Pfff. Well, listening to Bloc Party’s The Answer made me smile smile smile. Gotta wind down a bit. I’ll drink the one cidre i have and then go to bed. Or.. just check whats on tv. Maybe a nice movie. I’ll see!

Bye bye 🙂

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