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11 April 21:01
I’ll be updating this post during the day. I’m writing this the evening before. I will also schedule this post to go public tomorrow morning at 6am. As i do every working day. Nothing new there.


12 April 9:53


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Mornings are a slow time for me. I did get out of bed around 7:30, gave the cats some food, went to the toilet. After that i went straight back to bed. I did go my rss feeds, but quickly i put aside my iPad and fell asleep. With Mieke, the little black and white cat, sleeping on the bed.

I got out at 9:15. Boiled an egg, cleaned up the catty litter box. Ate my breakfast. I sat behind the computer and went through facebook and twitter. Nothing much is happening. I read again an article from Trouw about psychologist Zimbardo, ‘Iedereen is een held in opleiding’. I do recognize bits of myself in here: how i walk through the city, looking at other people, trying to say hello or goodday as much as possible. Talk to other people as much as i can. A week ago, when i was looking at the archeologists working at the church, a man walked past and looked as well. We started to talk. He was still fit, looked great for his age, 87. He enjoyed talking. Most people do, it’s rare that i talk. But i did meet a man, also last week, who asked me questions. If i had sisters or brothers. How i felt. We shaked hands. He gave me one euro. I laughed. I wasn’t asking, but he still gave it. I remember the man in the supermarket i started talking to. And the little kiss on the cheek i gave him. I was a bit surprised after that, by myself.

I opened up warcraft. I been playing on a private server, the Rebirth. The past week has been hectic. Another private server, a much larger one, Nostalrius, had to close down Sunday 10 April, since they had a cease-and-desist order from Blizzard. The Rebirth only got a small portion of Nostalrius players, but it still means the population has grown around six times over. When i logged into the game this morning, there were around 250 players on alliance side. Usually, on a weekday morning, there are around ten or twenty players online. Global is filled with chat. There are some griefers back too, but on the whole it’s been a blessing to have so many new people in the game. A breath of fresh air.

I did do a Stockade’s run in a level appropriate run. It used to be so hard to find a group of people wanting to do a dungeon run. Now it’s like a field day. Loving it as long as it lasts.

Going to the market soon. Get some food in the house.

Ooh man, i got money back from my taxes over 2013. I just opened the letters i got from the tax service. I had to look if i had to pay back or receive. Hard to see. Then i checked my bank and wow! i got it back!

Right now cooking a officially named Saffron and Broad bean paella. No saffron, no dry sherry. But i did add fennel, a bell pepper, a hot pepper and french beans. Enough for two days. I have blanched the broad beans for a minute or so and removed the skins. They are all fresh and green now waiting for the paella to be finished.

I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s post. No idea! Hmmm. Still enough time.

Tomorrows post is done!

Turns out today was a really average day. Well, apart from the money i got back from the tax office. That made me really happy. Still does. I still need to be careful, but wow, such an unexpected surprise.

Lets just see how it goes tomorrow. I do want to work on a new video clip. Not sure i have enough clips for it. It is a long song i’m using, 7 or 8 minutes. Not sure i will get it done tomorrow.

I also want to write more on my post about my art background. Started weeks ago. I have thought about it, but nothing definite. I know i could write it in the time i have, but not sure this week it’ll be ready in my mind.

I’m gonna watch a bit more tv now. Nothing too exciting. Snowwhite, with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins is on. At 9pm its Bake off: Creme de la Creme. Not sure which one i’ll be watching. I’m going to bed quite early. Like to anyway.

I hope you will enjoy your evening. Where ever you are.


I started watching the Snowwhite movie. I had already seen it. It’s a bit.. well, i don’t really like it that much. So i switched to the Bake Off series. Also not my favourite. But, it did get me thinking. Of baking something tomorrow. Something sweet. To treat myself. Yay! Nothing too hard, and something that stay good for a while. A cake! So i did a quick search. A New York cheesecake. Hmmm… too much filling. A lemon cake with icing! That sounds good. A carrot cake. Ooh yummy. With the cream cheese frosting. I might pick one from Joy of Baking. Well, i got tomorrow to pick my recipe.

Carrot cake does sound good. Or chocolate!

I don’t know yet. Tomorrow!

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