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Photos made in the garden

A bumblebee on a zinnia
Two bumblebees!
A butterfly on a zinnia
And it keeps on sitting
Beautiful flower
And another one 🙂
Two cosmos flowers
The entrance to the garden. Needs a bit of tidying up!
A beautiful plant in Yuri's garden. He mentioned the poison ricine is made of this plant.
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In my lunchbreak i walked up to the fish stand on the Bergweg and got me one herring. Yum. On my way over there i saw this family of Egyptian geese.
A red hollyhock on my way back
A big tree
Magenta flowers
The grote lisdodde, the bulrush
Looks like a Snowball Hydrangea - not sure about the name though
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Lovely pictures from the garden

A calendula flower in the containers close to the railroad
A spider
Cosmos and nasturtium
A beautiful cosmos flower
And a beautiful courgette flower
Tomatoes ripe for harvesting
A yacon plant
An apple tree outside of the garden surrounded by hollyhocks
Wild flowers outside of the garden
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Summer gardening

Pumpkins in between the beans
The beans growing huge!
And very flowery 🙂
Fennel heads flowers
Green tomatoes
Courgettes, zucchini for the USA citizens
The figue
Zinnia flowers with nasturtium and a cosmos
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And more camomile
And still more 🙂
Lovely little white flower, no idea of the name
Calendula, my favourite flower
Makes me so happy
Onions, still growing bigger
One horseradish uprooted, a bit too early. Better to do this in September
An onion flower
The table in the middle of the garden. It was actually warm today!
Published on July 3, 2020 at 6:00 by