The great refusal

There is this big difference i notice between reading books, newspapers and online news outlets and living in this world.

I am reading a book with the title De grote weigering (The great refusal). This is a short book with at its core a retelling of Marcuse’s One-dimensional Man, a book published in 1964. The same year in which i was born.

It feels to me my mind is following two completely different streams. On the one hand all the texts i have read, on the other hand my living in this world and the force i feel myself to work and earn my own income and take care of myself. Not that i mind that, but it is tough.

Writing this i do think ooh of course it is tough, get with it woman! This is the life you have picked for yourself.

I do enjoy reading The great Refusal. It is available in Dutch only.

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  • Team M. says:

    “…work and earn my own income and take care of myself.”

    That is what you girls wanted: first, second, third and fourth wave feminism, liberating men from taking care of you girls in what was already a gynocracy. Now you take on the same burden of performance that always already lay upon the shoulders of men.

    So now for girls too, the baseline is 40 years of fulltime work, setting up a pension, taking care of yourself. And this is still just the baseline, it is still not an accomplishment to be praised for. For that you will have to contribute significantly to this world and this human population.

    Maybe come up with a small affordable cold nuclear fusion device and make up for the fact that everything you see around you is created primarily by men. So you have your work cut out for you.

    See you back after paying up – a thousand years from now.

    Meantime, I expect nothing more than to see most of you whither away on head meds, making terrible life choices, settling for riding the cock caroussel and then post-wall settle for cats, boxed wine, antidepressants, anxiety medication in your disorganized filthy apartments, deluding yourselves in victim misery.

    Team M.

  • Ellen says:

    I’ve allowed the comment up above. I had to think about it. It is a valid comment. Not that i agree.

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