Another round

Today i made another walk around and through the city. I do feel a bit sad that it is so quiet. So deadly quiet. It is not that i shop that much myself. Quite the opposite, i would prefer people to buy less things they do not need anyway. But this silence does feel unnatural.

I did first walk to the Vredestuin Noord. We drank a cup of tea and the others went on to work in the garden. I left and walked past my old home to the pharmacy, the apotheek. After that i went to the library, the bibliotheek, to return the one book i had and hadn’t finished yet. Then i went into the supermarket and got something to eat for the next two days before i move to the next room this Friday.

I walked past the square where the snackbar stands where i bought a frikandel with fritessaus and a bit of tomato ketchup. I sat on the square and looked around for a bit while i ate my food.

Then onwards home.

To be honest, i am really tired. This walk lasted around three hours. Pfff 🙂

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