When i woke up, set up my oatmeal porridge to cook for around twenty minutes, i watched the first episode of Onbehagen: de nieuwe wanorde, Discomfort, the new disorder. Bas Heijne looks into this feeling of discomfort and division.

After opening the Tuin op Hofbogen i went to the Vredestuin, the Peace Garden, to empty my bag with sawdust and cat’s pee. A man and his young child were sitting there. He said a friend of his worked in the old Shell building. When he visited him on Monday, he saw the garden for the first time out of the window. So today he went to see it up closer. his little girl gave me a seed of a avocado. Do you know what that is? He asked. The seed of a avocado i replied. You’re right he said.

Rombout came by. He came to the garden to get a soil driller, een grondboor. I assume that is the English name for it. It is not in my Dutch – English dictionary.

Back home i played a little World of Warcraft. I’m level 109 now, soon to be 110. I do enjoy playing the game. Very much on my own, but that is ok.

I saw on Facebook that Bram Ladage was selling potato chips for fifty cents between 13.00 and 16.00 hours today. I couldn’t resist it, shortly after 13.00 i went out and walked to the Markthal. They had made a waiting row before the Bram. I got a chips with fritessauce and peanutsauce. War.

On my way back i went into the second hand bookseller De Slegte. Philosophy, gardening, cooking, history, fantasy, science fiction. Just before the entrance i saw a couple of books written by the Dalai Lama. I bought the one called Meer Liefde, More Love. Not sure why. But i do feel love is extremely important. Anytime anywhere. I already read a few pages. I like the style of the book. A good one to read for me right now.

After that i walked home. On the Binnenrotte two young people approached me, asking if i would like to sing a few songs for the radio. FunX. I sang two songs: Lauw from Boef and another one. I forgot the name. It’ll be broadcasted next week. Not sure i will remember to listen. I enjoyed it though!

Added Thursday morning: after closing the garden yesterday evening, I walked past the Vredestuin. I saw Hilde working there, rooting out the grass in the grassfield surrounding the Vredestuin. I sat on the edge of the round square and we chatted a bit. She called herself weird, raar, for working in the garden this late and all by herself. I said it was remarkable. We all are remarkable.

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