All day

Home all day. Reading. Watching tv, the Olympics. Listening to music. Making my hair more blond. Going through all the photos i made yesterday. More than two hundred. I picked a hundred and ten decent enough for using.

Sometimes ideas pop up. But these days i do feel a bit more quiet. A bit more here. In Rotterdam. Observing yes, not that much a part of it. But i do enjoy it. Learning something new each day. Even if it is a small thing.

The next days i will start preparing for my birthday. Not a big celebration. I will bake two cakes for Sunday. There is also a fire at the garden Sunday evening. I will probably make some sauerkraut. I still have quite a lot from last November. Together with some apples, onions, several herbs, juniper berries. Yeah.

A quiet day. Trying to get myself quiet within me.


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