A quiet day today. I did go to the garden to empty my compost bucket. After that i went to the supermarket Jumbo and got some bread, peanut butter, sunflower oil. In the Italian shop i got olive oil. I’m making an onion soup right now. The onions, seven cloves of garlic and some celery are on the stove for an hour and a half. They are still not brown. But really soft.

Tonight there is a home owners meeting in my house. I have already told that i don’t have coffee or cookies in the house. Tea and water. That is it.

I have cleaned up my house more. The toilet. My couch. Put my freshly washed laundry away in the cupboard.

I am reading the party program of the Partij van de Dieren. I do agree with their economical chapter. With most chapters really. A very high chance i will vote for them in the upcoming Dutch election 15 March.

I still feel quiet. I’m thinking, or rather, let the dust settle down a bit.


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