Having a cold

The past few days i’ve been tired. I also noticed a bit of a sore throat in the morning. Today it is a bit worse. I still have a sore throat. And yes, i’m still tired. A bit light headed.

I did do a bit of work. But i need more time before i can publish it. So i’m giving myself the day of.

Hopefully i’ll feel better soon!

It is the next morning now. This morning i woke up with hardly a voice. It is better now, and i do feel a bit better, but still a bit slower than usual.

I am thinking. Not any philosophical thinking, but yes, the simple questions.


How is it that we all come into being on this earth and make this story continue, all together. We are all born by chance. We grab onto life, well most of us anyway. We love our love. Well most of us anyway.


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