Vlog #3 The shops

Since last year i wanted to do a post about the shops close by where i buy food and drinks. I started well with posts about the Meiden on the market and the wine shop Platenburg, after that i got quiet. I put on hold an interview i had with Mellegers. I had thoughts about the supermarkets i go to, but never put all this in a post.

Up until now! Vlogging about the shops close by seemed to me a most excellent use of the medium. The first shop, the Albert Heijn on the Goudse Rijweg, i was quiet. A bit shy. Yeah. But the next stop at the Gimsel i was already talking.

I went in a big circle around my house and filmed the fronts of all the shops i go to regularly. I even filmed around the market the next day. The Meiden were not there though. I still have plenty of veg from the garden, so it is ok anyway.

After the video a map with the locations of all the shops i go to regularly.

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