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Today i spend some time thinking about privacy. Of which i don’t give myself too much really. I do live alone, so it is my own choice. About some things i’m completely honest. My sex live. My dreams. My sex live used to be on a very low burner for a long time. The past two years it got fired up again. It still is. I’m even talked to on the streets at times. But i don’t go into it. I do feel and think sex is important, but also something i want to share with someone i love.

I mean HUGE TRUE love. Yeah.

So i keep on working hard. Hopefully my work will be recognized soon, will be seen and valued soon. And hopefully one day i will meet someone i will fall in love with. So i think about that in my off hours. Deep at night. In the moonshine. In the starry light.

My dreams are my own. But yes, i have written about them here. Because it also does feel that my dreams are the same as other people’s dreams. Love, happiness, sharing a life, sharing time with other people i enjoy staying with. Simple dreams really.

I’m giving myself time to think about myself, about this world, about my life sofar. To look inside myself. To look outside myself. Television mostly. Television which speeds up and on.

Time to find a good starting point. Which i had already found, of course. But still.

You, reading this, stay well.

Be happy.

Enjoy the day.

The sunshine, the wind, the rain.

Enjoy the night.

The moon. The stars.


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