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Watching youtube videos is what i do mostly before i try to get some sleep at night. I am subscribed to a few users. This list is in a constant flux. I do have a weak spot for Dutch beauty (b)(v)loggers. It is getting a bit less these past months, but i still have quite a few beauty girls in my subscription list.

Just yet, when checking out The Nerdwriter and his subsciptions i added a couple more channels to my subscribed list: The School of Life, Vox and Anna Akana. I already watched many of the School of Life’s videos, i do go to the Vox website once a week or so. Ana Akana is a new one. I watched one video, liked it and subscribed. Lets see how that will work out.

The Nerdwriter is someone whose videos i do admire. Art, music, movies are among the most prolific themes. The Nerdwriter is Evan Puschak. After a period of working he started for himself, now living mostly of Patreon pledges.

I haven’t seen all his videos. I went through his entire list this evening, marking the ones i am interested in. Which is most. Makes me feel humble, looking at his work, comparing it to my own. I do know my field of expertise is on a different area, but still. It is good to see someone working hard, thinking and talking about the things of life which are of interest to him (or her).

So, salute to the Nerdwriter. May you keep on working for a very long time!

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