Today i worked at the Peace Garden. It was warm. A bit too warm to be honest. I did have plenty of water with me, and i ate some Peanuts Katjang Pedis. Which means they have a spicy coating. Good with this warm weather. I also ate some hazelnuts someone had picked in the wild. Good!

I went home around five, copied some photos i took to my computer, took a shower, put on a cotton knitted dress and my slippers and went back. There was a design meeting afterwards. Daniel cooked a great meal, with vegetables and potatoes from the garden. And some milk. And eggs. And some falafel balls from the AH. Which i loved. So yes, next on my list.

The meeting was interesting. I did talk a bit about my own position, which is very much of a beginner. I do have some things i know i can do without damaging anything: watering the plants in the greenhouse, walking through the garden and get out and garbage left there. As i am the earliest one usually, that is what i do. And when it is warm like today, i don’t mind at all sitting a bit and feel the warmth and listen to all the sounds and dream away a bit.

One weed i didn’t find today is the hedge bindweed, haagwinde. It looks quite lovely, with delicate leaves and nice looking flowers. But it does form an extensive root system and grows fast until 1,5 meters or even 3 meters tall. Best is to remove them completely, if possible.

Thistle, distel. You may remove the upcoming flowers so you postpone the spreading a bit. But best is to remove them with roots and all put them in the compost heap.
Grasses. Not terribly bad, but a continuous grower. Better remove.
Thistle and grasses.
Buttercups, boterbloemen. The lower climbing ones are quite horrible. Remove.
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