Over the past two weeks i’ve been taking my camera to the garden with the goal of making photos of insects. The first week i took my phone with me, but almost all the shots were blurry. The only good photo was the one of the ladybug. The second week i took my camera with me. It does have a macro option, so i used that most of the time. Hard creatures to photograph, insects. But i did manage a few!

A ladybug, lieveheersbeestje
A worm, on my hand.
The earth, two worms and a ladybug. I also saw spiders, but they are very thin legged and hard to spot in a still image.
A blurry shot of a flying insect, but i do like this photo. Not sure what type the insect is, could be the larve of a ladybug. Doesn't look like a bee.
A moth
The moth, once more
A bright green insect. Looks like a young grasshopper.
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