A warm Tuesday

It is Tuesday. Market day. I did get me a chip with mayo, curry sauce and onions. Sitting on a stone sitting bench all along the side of the library. Busy today.

This morning i started reading further in a book by Walter J. Ong, Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word (1982). Just yet i went through comments on the goodreads page for this book. I got this book from the library three or four times. Early 2000 i finally bought it. The book has many good viewpoints on the change of a person growing up in a oral culture to a person growing up in a literate culture. Oral culture is very different, a culture in which words are events, actions. Words live and need to be repeated all the time. In a literate culture words are more static, printed on a page. The mind is freer to go its own way in a way.

Since this book is written in 1982, there is no section on the development of internet and its many different uses in society.

I downloaded another book this week: How the other Half Dies (1976), by Susan George. I still need to read this book thoroughly. This is for a post about food i plan to write soon. Not from a science point of view, but from a personal one. These past two years i have thought more about this. I have changed my buying patterns. I am making more things myself from a limited amount of materials. It is not a hippy thing, but a deeply felt sensible way of looking at this world and the way it is heading. I feel quite strongly about this and i do know we need to go another route soon. If there is anything i can do about this, i will help out.

Well. This is enough for today.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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