Sunken Love

Rip Rig & Panic was one of my favourite bands in the early 80s. I loved the wildness of their songs, the voices, the piano, the instrumental tracks.

I do remember sitting in the train in 1988 and reading The Face i had just bought. Or Blitz? Hmm, not sure. Anyway, my eye fell on this article about a new singer, Neneh Cherry. The name rang a bell. And then i realized i knew her, she was the singer of Rip Rig & Panic. More mainstream, still feisty.

This song is from Rip Rig & Panic’s third album Attitude. This track i always loved. Never looked up the lyrics until today. Harbor a horror i always heared as habahareeree. Well.. i’m learning these lyrics now by heart.

I added three other songs from God, their first album. The best!

Sunken Love – Rip Rig & Panic
Whirlpools of wonder
Try to wash away a memory
Unfathomable leaks of thought
Lost in the deep blue me
Below the calm surface
Pain flows to and fro

Sunken love
Chasing drowned sorrow
Harbor a horror
‘Til tomorrow

Plunged into dark dark depths
Anchor where secrets are kept
Dark feelings, mystery voyages

Try to avoid those forgotten ages

Sunken love
Chasing drowned sorrow
Harbor a horror
‘Til tomorrow

Don’t worry, don’t fear
Drowned loves will reappear
Reserve a scene within that vessel

So don’t mourn
‘Cause everything is reborn.

The original song

Those Eskimo Women Speak Frankly

The Blue Blue Third

Knee deep in Shit

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  • Hank says:

    Ahh, you’re my kinda climate!

    I’m from Scandinavia but I saw Rip Rig & Panic in London in ’82 — and years later when Neneh blew up all over the charts, for the longest time I just couldn’t put my finger on why I felt like I knew her from somewhere.

    Now I wonder: WHY was that? Didn’t they like to talk about her teenage past in those days?

    Still, how gracefully she’s continued her left-field path even in her fifties – she’s a beacon of light!

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