Sauerkraut and potato mash with bacon and smoked sausage

Or the title in Dutch: Zuurkoolstamppot met spekjes en rookworst.

The weather here is not too cold, around 18ÂșC. But it is wet. Raining almost the entire day. So yesterday i thought about what i would eat, and this came up. It is a winter dish.

With the amounts i have it’s enough for three days, two days if you’re really hungry!


  • 400 gr potatoes, crummy
  • 500 gr sauerkraut
  • 150 gr bacon
  • butter for the mash
  • a bit of milk, or in my case some cream mixed with water
  • a rookworst (smoked sausage)
  • a bit of broth
  • a bit of mustard


  1. bake the bacon till its crispy
  2. add the sauerkraut to the bacon, add a bit of the broth and let it cook for at least 30 minutes
  3. add the ‘rookworst’ to the sauerkraut, leave it in the plastic
  4. after around 15 minutes, peel the potatoes and cook them for around 20 minutes till they are done
  5. let the potatoes steam off and either mash them or pass them through a potato riser
  6. add the butter and milk or cream and water and mix
  7. mix the sauerkraut and bacon with the potato mash
  8. slice the rookworst and add this at the top with a bit of mustard


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