Rudolf George Escher 1912 – 1980

I remember very clearly the first time i heard the music composed by Rudolf Escher. I went over to Edwin for dinner. He put on this music which completely enchanted me. I sat there listening with my eyes closed. I’m not sure what Edwin thought of that to be honest, it did feel almost a bit rude to me, but i couldn’t help myself. I fell in love.

I went out and tried to find his music. He isn’t the best known composer. Dutch composer! I did find out he had lived in Rotterdam. He had lost his house and all the works he made up until 1940 in the bombing on Rotterdam 14 May 1940.

I do prefer his chamber music. Lucky for me most of his music is exactly that.


Classical music is a sideline interest for me. It is such a huge field of composers, performers, critics and different areas that it simply is too much for me. I know i could dive in, but i am more into pop and hip-hop and rap and r&b. I do listen to classical music rarely. When i do, i try to really listen. Not read or do anything else. Listen.

So there is this little bit of music i want to share with you. I will listen to it myself over the next days.

I hope you will find the time.


Sonata for flute and piano

Le Tombeau de Ravel

Sonata per violoncello solo (1945/1948)

Trio for clarinet, viola and piano

Sonate Concertante

Strange meeting: for baritone and piano

Sonata for violin and paino


Monologue for flute

Sonatina for piano

Trio à cordes (1959), 1. Transformations

Trio à cordes (1959), 2. Réminiscences

Sonata No.1 for piano solo

Three poems by W.H. Auden (1975)

Sonata for fluit solo (1973)

A spotify playlist

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