An eye make up

I went for quite a dark eyelook for this post. Because, well, i do enjoy putting it on! First i’ll show which colours i have in my small collection.

In the top photo you see my Chanel palette Mystic eyes which i got for my birthday a couple of years ago. You also see the MAC Soft Ochre paint pot which i use for a base, the Dipdown fluidline for an eyeliner, the Clinique high lengths mascara, the Lingering eyebrow crayon and the Clarins concealer for around the eyes.


My MAC pro palette

  • Vanilla
  • All that glitters
  • Satin taupe
  • Wedge
  • Charcoal brown
  • Handwritten
  • Sumptuous olive
  • Club
  • Blackberry
  • Sketch
  • Copperplate
  • Typographic

There is still room in this palette, but i’m not sure what colour would be good with it. Sometimes i think about Carbon, the black. But sofar Typographic was enough of a dark for me. A light shimmery colour would be good too, but i do have those colours in the Chanel palette. With my blue grey eyes, an orange colour will be good. I read good reviews on Expensive Pink. Red Brick matte and Coppering veluxe pearl i will check in the shop soon. And there is Orange matte too. I might even get two different finishes. I do like a bit of shimmer, just not all over my eyes. I’ll let you know once i bought new colours!


First i applied the concealer around my eyes for a base. I then set up my eyebrows with the Lingering eyebrow crayon. It is a good match for my dark blonde hair. I then used Wedge in my crease with a blending brush, to start adding a little depth. Then i used Vanilla on my eyelid, especially at the inner corner. I then took a tiny spot of Handwritten and added it in the outer crease. I went back to Wedge with a pencil brush and used it underneath my eyes. Sketch was used next over the outer corner of my eyelids up into the crease. A bit of Sketch and Handwritten was added on the lower eyelids the outer side. I then switched to the Chanel palette and used the light pink colour all around the inner corner of my eyes. I also added a bit just below my eyebrows. The middle section of my eyelids was filled with the light silver grey colour, blended with Sketch.

I then used the Dipdown fluidline to add an winged eyeliner. From the inner corner a thin line which gradually went thicker towards the outer part. Then i used the mascara to make my blonde eyelashes darker and a bit longer. That was it!

To remove all this, i used coconut oil i rubbed all over my eyelids and took of with a soft paper towel. I did this twice to get off every little bit. To be honest, i did this straight after i applied the eyeshadow. When i’m at home, i just don’t wear any make up. 🙂

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