A stash of lipsticks

My lipsticks go back to around 1990, maybe even earlier. This is contrary to all the advice i learned reading beautyblogs and watching youtube clips. After a couple of years you should throw your make up away, or so they say. Some, like mascara, even after a few months. Well, I keep mine as long as it lasts.

I do love my lipsticks. Most are sheer, easier for everyday life. Some are opaque, shiny or mat. The lipgloss trend passed me by for the most part. The one from Yves Saint Laurent isn’t a true lipgloss, more like a liquid lipstick, with a long staying power. The Clinique ones i wear the most, the Chunky Cherry is the last one i got. I do know other brands now sell these sheer balm lipsticks too. It’s my next project. Well, that and finding a perfect rozy nude and a dark berry lipstick for once a year!

All my lipsticks, balms, pencils and brushes for you to see.
Clinique chubby sticks, moisturizing lip colour balm, in the colours 07 super strawberry, 05 chunky cherry and 09 heaping hazelbut. I love these. When i go out to do some shopping or for a walk, i put on any of these. They are sheer but still put a bit of colour and shine on my lips. Love love love!
A Stila lip glaze stick which i never use in the colour plum. A Chanel precision lip definer in roux sienna i bought around 25 years ago. An Yves Saint Laurent lip liner. I don't see the name of the colour, but it's a pinkish colour.
Man, the next one is completely wiped. I did check the website, but i cant find these lipbalms there. I do know it's a Laura Mercier lip balm in a berry colour. Then a Bobbi Brown lip shine in the colour 3 Claret. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protective Stick in Berry.
Oldies! A Chanel one, with the number 02. The sticker at the end is just so wiped i can't read it all. I also got this one like 25 years ago, so i doubt they still sell it. It's a lovely warm red colour. Full cover with a bit of shine. The next one is from the Bijenkorf (the Beehive, a large Dutch department store). Since the Bijenkorf doesn't sell it's own make up anymore, yes, it's out of stock. I only see the number 04 on the sticker, it's a pinkish red. The third one is a Bijenkorf one too, a Silverline lipstick. Out of stock. The number is 37, and it's a full cover red berry. I should wear these lipsticks more!
A few newer ones. The YSL doesn't have the name on it, but on the website i see it's still sold with the name Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain. 🙂 The number 10 is on the sticker, which i don't see on the site. It's red. Than my one and only Mac lipstick in the colour Russian Red. A full mat red. I wore this one last week! Took me around 10 minutes to put it on neatly with a brush after i filled in my lips with the Chanel lip liner. And yes, when i got back home i wiped it off. The Dior Addict lipstick in the colour 583 Backstage. I wore this one lots when i still worked at my last job. Not so much now anymore.

I only buy a new lipstick every two three years or so. Lip balms too, i got the Labello hydra care for like 4 years or so. And i do use it regularly! The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lipstick is nearly used up. I bought that one on Schiphol, not sure you can get it here in regular beauty shops in the Netherlands. I did like that one. I should try to remember to buy a new one once i travel through Schiphol.

And then i get this idea of making a picture of my mouth, with the YSL lip glossy stain. And then i put it at the top of this post. Ha! That just got me by surprise. *big smile*

So, this is my stash of lipsticks. I do hope you enjoyed this one. Bye bye!

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