A walk on Easter Sunday

For today, Easter Sunday, i didn’t have any plans. I wasn’t going to the garden, would not go the a shop. But i did want to go out for a short walk. Sit on bench and look out over the neighbourhood. I met Noortje and Kees with their owners. They ran after each other, over the path, down the steps and up again. They sniffed my hand. Not really interested. Much more alive with being outside and meeting a nice other dog to play with.

It was only an half an hour walk through the park behind the house i currently live in. But still so alive with the trees and grasses and flowers and birds flying around or swimming in the water. The heron standing in the water occasionally bending its head trying to find food. I presume.

My head is full most of the time. I’d rather have it empty ready to take in anything that comes.

Blossoming trees
Daffodils between the roads
A blossoming tree on the way to the park
Kees and Noortje
Sitting on a bench and looking out
The road ahead
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