In 1978 my musical tastes turned. Up until that time my eldest sister was my main influence on my music taste. From 1978, fourteen years old, i developed my own. Gruppo Sportivo, Nina Hagen, Elvis Costello, The Police, The Specials, Madness. This was the music i loved between 1978 and 1980. In my mixtapes on Spotify i have many songs from these days.

A week ago while i was browsing youtube, i came across Naturträne, a song by Nina Hagen. I hadn’t heard this song for years. This song is not on Spotify. Neither is Unbeschreiblich Weiblich, a glorious song for my fourteen year old self. For the rest of the week this song played around in my head.

I did do an earlier post about my school diaries. I just went through them again. Great.

So here are songs from these years. I love to look up all these songs! Yay!

Nina Hagen

Gruppo Sportivo

Elvis Costello

The Police

The Specials


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