The garden with shrubs all around it. In this part there are some eternal leeks growing. I also planted some bulbs in here. They should be blooming from February to July next year. We also weeded this bit out a few weeks ago. We did all the bits, the bit where the chickens will come, the bit where the apple trees grow in the other garden 100 meters further.
A corner. Strawberries are planted here, some other vegetables, kale for instance, grow here too. Some straw to throw on the ground when it is extremely wet. Like today!
On the left row we used the plants of the parsnip harvest as mulch. We also collected sacks of dead leaves from around the garden and dug it in the ground. Leaves are not nutrituous, but they do better the structure of the ground. We still do need that in our clay garden with only top soil of compost.
The small side with plum trees, shrubs and topinamboer growing at the end of it.
Freely seeded plants, celery, chervil, spinach. I'm sorry to say i don't know which is which. It looks lovely!
Beans at the top, some mulch, leeks.
Last Sunday we swiped all the dead leaves together and threw them on the garden down below. A general mulch and like i said earlier, improvement of the ground structure.
Lettuce, endive, green chicory.
In front of the markthal there are these beds of several plants. Last Saturday i was walking past them, and to my surprise i saw these rosemary plants growing there. Not just this bit on the photo, but several bits all planted over several meters of beds.
Last Tuesday i picked some rosemary. I had them with me when i went to the Meiden on the market. The girl helping me asked about the stems i had in my hand. She was really surprised when i said i picked them myself from besides the Markthal. Very few people notice these things. Like the plants growing next to the church: the onions, fennel, chard and other plants growing in these round beds.
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