How i work

There is a rhythm to it. It has grown over time. I still enjoy the pace i set here, five updates a week, five weeks free each year. Or four weeks. It depends on how i feel.

The last few weeks i followed the same pattern: one day a drawing, another day some photos, one day something i write, another day i throw the I Ching or i quote from the Tao Te Ching. And the last week of last year i made a TikTok clip.

I’m still not sure about TikTok. I have only made the one clip, a beginner one. But it is on my mind. Not that i value much of what i have seen on TikTok sofar. But it is still a world to discover for me. I will see what if any will grow out of it.

The thought for this post came halfway during the day. Sunday. This morning the mind was blurry. I wasn’t really thinking about what i would do today for the post. In the afternoon the thought came up. How i work here. Strange how i never thought of that before. But here it is.

I might do another TikTok clip this week. I may write another piece. I enjoyed the one i wrote last week. That one was made in steps. First i thought i would make something really well written, rewrite everything, delete some stuff. But no, it was all in there, but in a small font. Smaller as it got older.

So i got several easy ones like the I Ching, some which require some work, but are not difficult, like making photographs, some which require inspiration, like making drawings. And then some which came back to me, filming. This time short films. And then of course writing something. It could be a memory, or something i came across during the day, or something i am thinking about.

That is it for now.


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