Just one bad thing going on in the world

I’m not out there living my life. I’m in here, in my temporary house, living quietly. But i do have some antenna’s out there. I do hear about things going on. These twitters from Tinkebell and some she repeated about what happened on Lesbos got to me. It seems to me there are so many things going wrong. And here i am worried that in eight or nine months my money will run out. That is not a good way to behave and think Ellen!

And just another thing
There was a demonstration in Rotterdam last Sunday 17 October 2021. I saw this photograph of it on the Erasmus bridge. It looks weird. One comment said the police wanted to identify the ‘anarchists’. The anarchists are being said to be people clothed in black. Uuh..??

Another article on openrotterdam.nl about this stating the left party Groenlinks (GreenLeft) is requesting a debate in the local council about the behaviour of the police and the ME on this demonstration.

A tweet saying there are questions about the police actions in the Tweede Kamer.

A post today in the left field online news outlet Joop Harde kritiek op gewelddadig optreden Rotterdamse politie bij woonprotest (Hard criticism on violent actions Rotterdam police at housing protest). Another post on the NOS website Verontwaardiging over politieoptreden tijdens woonprotest Rotterdam (Indignation about police actions during living protest Rotterdam).

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