Ketogenic diet

On June 12 2019 i wrote my first post about the keto diet, called Keto chocolate chip almond flour cookies. I am on this journey for around three years now. From low carb to keto. And now i’m quite strict with myself. I don’t drink any alcohol, i buy a 90% chocolate bar once or twice a week, i stopped putting erythritol in my coffee, i don’t eat any bread. No pasta, no rice, no potatoes. I have some chorizo in my cupboard upstairs, walnuts. I make my own dressing for salads. I breakfast with a bulletproof coffee, a double espresso with a knob of butter and some cream. I lunch with a salad with mushrooms, bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and either an egg or feta or smoked salmon. My dinner is usually a baked sausage or chicken thigh and veggies like spinach or cauliflower or another salad.

I did measure my glucose before i wrote this post, it is 6,0 mmol/L, which is fine. A month ago i measure it for around a week multiple times a day, it was between 5 and 6 the whole time.

In my room i have some tea, walnuts, chorizo and chocolate.
In the kitchen i have some eggs, anchovies, peppers, aubergine (eggplant), tomatoes, apple vinegar, olive oil, olives and coconut oil.
In the fridge i have a cauliflower, spinach, chicket, cucumber, bacon, ham, cream, butter, cottage cheese and cream cheese.
My dinner this evening: aubergine fried, then a whole tin of anchovies, three gloves of garlic, chicken, green olives, bell peppers and a tin of tomatoes. Stewed for around 45 minutes. Lovely.
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