An ordinary Monday

This morning i got out of bed, around nine. I made my bulletproof coffee, with some butter and coconut oil. I checked feedly for the updates on blogs i follow, facebook, youtube. A new Simply Living Alaska today: How To Make Homemade Chicken Stock | Pressure Canning Your Own Broth at Home. A day’s work in Stardew Valley and then on to The Expanse. Halfway the third season at the time of writing – around half past five Monday afternoon. The first season is a bit hazy, i started out with it a couple of months ago, or maybe even years ago. It didn’t stick. But now, with my new months free Amazon Prime account i’m thoroughly enjoying watching it.

In the afternoon i took a shower and washed my hair. I didn’t go outside today.

Tomorrow, or the day after, i will go outside and make a walk and go to the voting office to cast my vote.

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