Looking back on 2020

I gave a dinner party on 12 January 2020 for my friends from the gardens and my neighbours. A couple of vegan salads, cooked potatoes, a baked Brie, a vegan pumpkin and nut roast, a roasted goose, a self made chicken liver pate, a vegan trifle and a chocolate mousse. A lovely evening.
At the end of January i had to move out of my house. I still feel sad about this, but at the same time i knew this was an important step for me to take. I do not know my future, but i am still full of hope and determination.
Early February 2020 i fell on the street completely through my own fault. I broke one front tooth, a corner tooth was bend inwards. Half of the front tooth flew out through the flesh above my mouth. Luckily only two stitches were needed. It was quite a clean wound, apparently. Since then i am way more careful while i walk on the streets or even inside house.
Four months i lived with friends. Still thankful they offered me some space to get used to living more temporary.
A warm summer in another room. The quite attractive house lord was a bit of a distraction. Happy i got out of this room with no attachments.
A month in a room close to the Vredestuin Noord. My own bathroom, balcony and small kitchen. A breakfast each day was included. Lovely place.
In the house of a Facebook friend with her husband and a little daughter. Fantastic. Watched all the Batman movies. And Firefly!
This place was not really to my liking. I left a week earlier.
The place i am currently in. Good house lord with whom i talk with about all sorts of things. In the West part of Rotterdam, close to the house i used to live in between 1985 and 1995. I decided in December to get more serious with my keto diet, after a year of being a bit more nonchalant with it. No more fries and croissants anymore on Saturday. Carbs only from vegetables and nuts. I am more serious measuring my glucose early in the morning and during the day. I hope to loose a bit of weight. Feeling good! No keto flu so far.
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