Coq au vin

I am cooking a going away dinner today. Yesterday i did all the shopping for it. I will make a coq au vin, or rather, poulet au vin. There are many recipes for this dish online. I have checked quite a few, and decided to make my one based on all of them. So yesterday evening i poured red wine over the chicken things with bones and let it sit in the fridge for the whole night. Around four this afternoon i will start preparing the dish. Bake the chicken in a pan in butter together with thinly sliced onion and a couple of carrots also sliced. After that cook the bacon, the shallots and the mushrooms. Hmm, maybe i better blanch the shallots first in boiling water. Yes! Deglaze the pot with a chicken stock. Add a bit of flour. Add some rosemary. Put everything in the pot and let it simmer for a while. Add the red wine, bay leaves, put in the oven for one and a half hour.

With this dish i will bake potatoes and boil carrots with some butter and a bit of brown sugar. I hope i will make some photos of the dish once it is ready!

The dessert is simple: strawberries and whipped cream with a bit of vanilla paste. Yum 🙂

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