Gardening again

This morning i got out of bed around nine. Got out of bed, took in my medication for my diabetes, got dressed and went downstairs and made my breakfast. An oatmeal porridge, with butter and coconut blossom sugar. Lovely.

I went through my usual sources: my rss list reader, facebook, youtube, flipboard. A bit of Stardew. Around half past eleven i went to the supermarket and got a few things: chicken, oatmeal, cream, chocolate, tomato soup.

Back home i went upstairs for bit and played more Stardew. Around one i got down again and made me some lunch: two thin crackers with a spicy chicken curry and minced meat. And a cup of tomato soup. I went upstairs again and wrote the e-mail i got from Hilde in a booklet to bring with me to the garden. I am coronadinator, i need to take care of the people and the tasks. I dressed for the garden and went out, around a quarter to two. I talked with Hilde over the phone while i walked to the bara place on the Zwartjanstraat where i ordered a small bara with chicken curry.

When i got to the garden i made some photos of the blossoming tulips standing close. I opened the kitchen and when i looked outside i saw Lenka and someone else coming down with some buckets filled with plants: the strawberries and eternal leeks we will be planting in the garden. It was good to see them. I talked a bit with Jules – not his real name, but i keep forgetting his name and started to call him Jules, a name he seems to like :). We talked about the current situation, the corona thing whooshing around. Sometimes being ok, sometimes scared, he said.

I don’t feel scared myself. My life has changed so much, i don’t work anymore, i’m still looking for what i want to do, ideas form slowly in my mind. Being scared is not part of my life anymore.

Vlada came, she is the one person working in the garden together with me. So happy we both were to be in the garden once again. Such a lovely feeling. So quiet in the city. We talked about that. The clearer air, hardly any traffic, trains, trams, busses. It feels wonderful. Like a dream.

I had watered the plants in the greenhouse. We started to clear the bed for the broad beans of weeds. We planted out the seedlings in a single row in the middle. The plants are huge! Twenty thirty centimeters! We finished one bed, leaving another one for tomorrow. Tomorrow i will be working in the garden again.

I took a photo of the plants we removed from the bed. Pretty sure it is a weed, but i am curious. I just posted a question on facebook. Maybe someone will recognize the plant.

A small second job is planting out the strawberries in the other part of the garden. We didn’t do all of them, we stopped working at five. We had already closed the greenhouse, we put back all the tools in the work shed. I said goodbye, see you next week!

Walking back home i bought a vegetarian chicken burger an McDonalds. One time this year!

Back home i ate tow more thin crackers with minced meat and mustard. I watched the news and the show after that called M for a bit.

I pulled a tarot card for the day. Temperance. I like this one.

On the Temperance card, there is an angel with wings, whose gender is not immediately obvious, which suggests that there is a balance between the sexes. One foot of the angel is in water, to represent the subconscious, while the other foot is on dry land, a representation of the material world. On her robe, there is a square, which has a triangle inscribed inside, another echo of the tangible earth in union with the holy trinity. She holds two cups in a manner where she can mix the waters, which represent the super and subconscious minds. The water flows between them, suggesting union and infinity.

Everything about this card represents balance, the perfect harmony that comes from the union of dualities. Her advice is to test any new waters, before jumping into the deep end.


Tomorrow at eleven i will be working at the garden again. Happy!

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