Walking the tightrope

As you might know already, or could have guessed from the posts on this website, i do like to walk. A block away from where i live, on the first shopping street there is a curb on the middle of the pavement. Whenever i pass that curb, i walk on it. I have never seen anyone looking at me while i do that. Only one other time i saw a little boy walking the same curb with his mum holding his hand.

For a week or two i do have the idea of filming this. I did that today. This morning the sun was shining, and i went outside and filmed myself! Well, my feet anyway.

At first i wanted to post this on Vine, but i only looked at how to do that once i got home again. Turns out you make the clip inside the app Vine. I didn’t see any uploading of an existing clip in the app. So i’m gonna use Vine for something else. I do like it! This clip is uploaded to youtube.

I also downloaded a small app for my mac, so i could cut a portion of the video and make a gif animation of it. Loving that.

The video is after the break. With sounds of traffic. Enjoy!

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