Calendula oil and salve

This summer i picked calendula flowers, put them out to dry and saved them. The end of June i took the dried flower leaves home and put them in oil. I used ecological sunflower oil. I let it stand on the windowsill for way too long. I read that a month should be enough. I let them stand for three months.

Today i let the oil drip from all the dried leaves. The oil is very orange. It also smells a bit sweet. I put some left over oil on my legs and afterwards my fingers smelled sweet. Lovely!

The main use of calendula is in wound-healing and skin-soothing. It promotes healing. It is anti-inflammatory and slightly antimicrobial. You can use it on scratches. Do not use any oil-based calendula on oozing or weeping wounds. Use a calendula tea for those and let it dry between applications. It is safe and nontoxic.

My main purpose is making calendula salve. A person i’m following on youtube is Morag Gamble. She has a channel about permaculture life. She made three movies about calendula. I used her recipe as a base. The movies i linked at the bottom of this post.

The recipe is very easy.

  • 1 part calendula oil
  • 1/2 part coconut oil
  • 1/2 part beeswax

I put all three ingredients in a glass jar. I warmed it up in a pan and kept on stirring it until everything was dissolved. I washed several small jars and pots, dried them completely and filled them. That’s it!

Morag Gamble, our permaculture life

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Membrillo paste, a Spanish jelly made with quince and sugar
Quarter the quinces and cut out the core. I didn't peel them. More pectine and more taste!
Boil tha quinces in water for around an hour
Get rid of the water and puree the quinces
Add the sugar. The recipes says to add the same weight, i added a bit less
Cook on a low fire...
.. till it gets brown. It took me around two hours. Do go through it with a wooden spoon to prevent it from burning at the bottom
Put the paste in a tin and let it cool. The brown bits are from the paste getting burned a bit. Lazy me.
Some apples drying. I hope these will work out! And that the flies keep of them.
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17. Sui / Following


The trigram Tui, the Joyous, whose attribute is gladness, is above; Chên, the Arousing, which has the attribute of movement, is below. Joy in movement induces following. The Joyous is the youngest daughter, while the Arousing is the eldest son. An older man defers to a young girl and shows her consideration. By this he moves her to follow him.


FOLLOWING has supreme success.
Perseverance furthers. No blame.

In order to obtain a following one must first know how to adapt oneself. If a man would rule he must first learn to serve, for only in this way does he secure from those below him the joyous assent that is necessary if they are to follow him. If he has to obtain a following by force or cunning, by conspiracy or by creating faction, he invariably arouses resistance, which obstructs willing adherence. But even joyous movement can lead to evil consequences, hence the added stipulation, “Perseverance furthers” –that is, consistency in doing right– together with “No blame.” Just as we should not ask others to follow us unless this condition is fulfilled, so it is only under this condition that we can in turn follow others without coming to harm.
The thought of obtaining a following through adaptation to the demands of the time is a great and significant idea; this is why the appended judgment is so favorable.


Thunder in the middle of the lake:
The image of FOLLOWING.
Thus the superior man at nightfall
Goes indoors for rest and recuperation.

In the autumn electricity withdraws into the earth again and rests. Here it is the thunder in the middle of the lake that serves as the image–thunder in its winter rest, not thunder in motion. The idea of following in the sense of adaptation to the demands of the time grows out of this image. Thunder in the middle of the lake indicates times of darkness and rest. Similarly, a superior man, after being tirelessly active all day, allows himself rest and recuperation at night. No situation can become favorable until one is able to adapt to it and does not wear himself out with mistaken resistance.

Six in the second place means:
If one clings to the little boy,
One loses the strong man.

In friendships and close relationships an individual must make a careful choice. He surrounds himself either with good or with bad company; he cannot have both at once. If he throws himself away on unworthy friends he loses connection with people of intellectual power who could further him in the good.

Six at the top means:
He meets with firm allegiance
And is still further bound.
The king introduces him
To the Western Mountain.

This refers to a man, an exalted sage, who has already put the turmoil of the world behind him. But a follower appears who understands him and is not to be put off. So the sage comes back into the world and aids the other in his work. Thus there develops an eternal tie between the two.
The allegory is chosen from the annals of the Chou dynasty. The rulers of this dynasty honored men who had served them well by awarding them a place in the royal family’s temple of ancestors on the Western Mountain. In this way they were regarded as sharing in the destiny of the ruling family.

10. Lü / Treading [conduct]


The name of the hexagram means on the one hand the right way of conducting oneself. Heaven, the father, is above, and the lake, the youngest daughter, is below. This shows the difference between high and low, upon which composure correct social conduct, depends. On the other hand the word for the name of the hexagram, TREADING, means literally treading upon something. The small and cheerful [Tui] treads upon the large and strong [Ch’ien]. The direction of movement of the two primary trigrams is upward. The fact that the strong treads on the weak is not mentioned in the Book of Changes, because it is taken for granted. For the weak to take a stand against the strong is not dangerous here, because it happened in good humor [Tui] and without presumption, so that the strong man is not irritated but takes it all in good part.


TREADING. Treading upon the tail of the tiger.
It does not bite the man. Success.

The situation is really difficult. That which is strongest and that which is weakest are close together. The weak follows behind the strong and worries it. The strong, however, acquiesces and does not hurt the weak, because the contact is in goof humor and harmless.
In terms of a human situation, one is handling wild, intractable people. In such a case one’s purpose will be achieved if one behaves with decorum. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.


Heaven above, the lake below:
The image of TREADING.
Thus the superior man discriminates between high and low,
And thereby fortifies the thinking of the people.

Heaven and the lake show a difference of elevation that inheres in the natures of the two, hence no envy arises. Among mankind also there are necessarily differences of elevation; it is impossible to bring about universal equality. But it is important that differences in social rank should not be arbitrary and unjust, for if this occurs, envy and class struggle are the inevitable consequences. If, on the other hand, external differences in rank correspond with differences in inner worth, and if inner worth forms the criterion of external rank, people acquiesce and order reigns in society.

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Working in the garden

Lovely weather
Working in the garden
The doornappel. Still standing in the garden, even though it is slightly poisonous and used for medicinal purposes. It looks lovely though
The playground being build. Feeling a bit negative about this. Too much being build, too much industrial stuff. Doesn't look good.
Too blue
Cleaning up the garbage being spread around the garden.
The new garbage bins being installed in the garden. We still need to talk about who is going to maintain them.
The garden
Evening primrose
The harvest: quinces, cabbage leaves and courgettes
Swans swimming in front of my house
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Leave no trace

I watched the movie Leave No Trace Saturday evening. Loved it. Quiet, soft spoken. A father and daughter living in a national park. Taking care of themselves. Drinking water they have caught. Eating mushrooms they have picked. Practicing disappearing from view when somebody gets too close.

Then they get caught.

This is not a dreadful story. People are kind. Even the social workers are kind. But they do live far away from the experience of the two people. They live in the current ordinary world. Where people work. Live in a house. Go to school. Work. Have hobbies. Watch television. Not people with PTSD.

This movie is based on the book My Abandonment written by Peter Rock.

A high recommendation of this movie. Wonderful!

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First reaction: Bohemian Rhapsody

The original first of all: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, 1975

No singing by me, this post shows reactions of people on hearing this song, sometimes for the first time. How that works i don’t know. There is a kids clip in this selection, they often know this song. I can not imagine how you can live in this world and not know this song.

And so many more!

A little bonus, the Live Aid performance by Queen

The last bonus, Wayne’s World Bohemian Rhapsody:

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This place is not visited by many people. I do hope i give each visitor something to think about, something to look at, something to enjoy. Something new maybe, at times. But other times i won’t.

I do have a Google Analytics counter on this website. I watch it once or twice a week. On average i’m between ten and twenty visitors a day. Sometimes a bit higher, up to fifty. Sometimes lower, below ten.

I am thinking about this counter. I do like all the things i can look up in Google Analytics. But there are many things i don’t use at all. A week ago i did a search for another solution. I came across Piwik, now called Matomo. This is a self-hosted solution with no limitations. It is still on my list of something to read and do research about.

Ii is the part where i share the visitor data of my website with Google which i am uncomfortable with. I don’t use ads, i don’t do any difficult things with the data. I simply do want an insight in the amount of visitors and where they are coming from and what they are reading.

The image below gives the top ten most visited pages of this website. The homepage is at the top. Second is my page about Björk. To my surprise. The archives and about page are coming next. Then it is The most expensive jewelry in the world. I did enjoy making this post. Did research for this, spend a long time searching and trying to find good images for this one. I can imagine why people enjoy looking at this too. Still, i do have many more interesting pages. Ooh well.

Next is my post about Alberto Giacometti. A painter i admired especially in the 80s. I’m glad people find this interesting. Still have a soft spot for his work.

Then does come one my own personal favourite posts: Scritti Politti – Roundhouse, London – 5 February 2016. A very personal post about something which might seem little to anyone else. To me it is very important. Something which to this day makes me very happy, that i was able to give these drawings to Green Gartside. I’m very happy this page is in the top ten. Good one!

True Love. Next on the list. Bit of a rambling post. Yes, about true love. In the world. Between people. In movies. And no, not for me. Not yet anyway. Still hoping it might happen someday.

Joy of Baking is a nice post about a youtube channel i have been following for years. To this day.

The contact page is the tenth number on this list. Just a bunch of information about where i have left footsteps and fingerprints.

I am still thinking about changing my analytics tool for this website. Or if i even need one. Hmm. I think i do. Too curious about the visitors.

Too curious about you.


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De kanarie in de kolenmijn

Anoher book from the library i have been reading over the past few weeks. A Dutch book this time, De kanarie in de kolenmijn (The canary in the coalmine). A book written by Marianne Thieme, current leader from the Dutch political Partij voor de Dieren and Ewald Engelen, professor Financial Geography at the University of Amsterdam. Both write one half of this book.

Ewald Engelen writes from a economical standpoint about the world’s current situation.

  • Scaling-up. Companies are getting larger. They use their power to influence politics and decision making. For their own advantage.
  • Debt. We live in increasingly larger amounts of debt.
  • Wrong measurement instruments. We determine a price not the value of something.

Marianne Thieme writes about biodiversity and ecology. Many species are becoming extinct. Also drinking water is a desperate need. We currently spend too much drinking water on our food and clothes, while we should spend it on nourishing people.

Both Ewald Engelen and Marianne Thieme come to the conclusion that we need to think and set our priorities differently. Not on money, but on the people and animals and plants living on this planet trying to make it liveable for themselves.

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