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The photo made of me last Tuesday. Sitting in the garden on the Hogbogen, making an aquarel, a watercolour drawing. Still learning. Very enjoyable to do.

Today i went out and got me a bread and food for my cat. In the Gimsel i also bought bags for vegetables, fruit and bread. I wanted to make them myself, but i couldn’t resist getting them already made. Expensive. Yes. But still very nice. I’ll make many uses of them! I will make some myself. I will look in the attic room once again to see if my old sewing machine is standing there. If i can not find it, i will look for a second hand one. Sowing by hand goes so slow.

I am also thinking about a job vacancy for Rechtstreex. This is for 8 – 12 hours a week, giving out the vegetables and fruits and cheeses and meats people have ordered online. This actually sounds like something i will enjoy doing. I still have time to think about it, i need to write before February 18. I might actually try this.

I hope you will have a good weekend. Salute!

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Looking straight ahead

I made another drawing in the garden. Looking another way now, straight ahead. The colours i used are Quincacridone rose, phthalo green and yellow ocre. I started with making black with the rose and the green. I wanted to try using only these two colours, but i gave in. With the yellow ochre and the green i could make beautiful warm greens. At the end i did use a bit pure rose for the shadows. Just because i like it.

There was also a photographer, Leander, making photos of Rutger. He made a couple of me as well. I signed a declaration that he is allowed to use the photo for publication. He will also send them to me. Hopefully!

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This swan swims alone. Still looking for a mate .
A close-up
These doves fancy each other 🙂
This photo is much bigger than it looks. A panorama shot.
Afrikaantje? This flower doesn't seem to understand it is still winter.
The railroad besides the garden.
Setting the apple trees up higher. These are ented on a short piece, which will make the fruit be larger and grow faster.
Cold work in the garden
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My first watercolour in the garden

I had to think about it. I was a bit hesitant. But i did it. I took my new watercolour paints to the garden and made a watercolour painting. I had thought about it before. I knew i was going to use only two colours. Prussian blue and yellow ochre. I like limitations. I need to get to know the different paints.

The result is a sketch. A learning tool. But also a report of this hour sitting at the table and watching the area i had chosen to paint. The end result is nowhere near what i saw. Of course.

After i stopped painting i did do some work in the garden. I joined the others. A good day.

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International Film Festival Rotterdam

The past few years i decided not to go to the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Not anymore. It is expensive. I love films, sure. From the late 80s going to the IFFR was a staple in January. For around ten times i volunteered. More times even. I never counted them.

But it has changed. Streamlined. Commercialized. That is not a bad thing. But i do miss the old IFFR. Dancing n the Hilton.

So yeah, time doesn’t stop. Things keep changing.

It has vanished from my awareness.

But today i went with Henja to the IFFR. The Doelen, KINO, Lantaren Venster. Coffee in the Doelen, lunch in Lantaren Venster. Walking through this city with Henja who is still relatively new in Rotterdam. Made me realize how this city is soaked in my memories.

Happy to see small pink flowers in a garden along the way. And snowdrops!

A very enjoyable day.


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